Friday, November 12, 2010

Soul Spectacular Dance Party Athens, GA 11.19.20

SOUL SPECTACULAR DANCE PARTY! FRIDAY 11/19/2010 ATHENS, GA! from Ryan Lewis on Vimeo.

The Soul Spectacular Dance Party finally moves downtown!

If you ever came to one of the amazing dance parties @ Ben's Bikes, then you know what to expect:

DJ KURT WOOD & DJ MAHOGANY take charge of the turntables and dig out the best '60s soul jams from their vast vinyl archives for your dancing pleasure. And guest DJ from Atlanta Fringe Factory's Suzy Q!

You'll hear everything from gritty, raw, southern-fried classics (James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding) to smooth Motown and obscure Northern Soul sides (names like Betty Harris, Willie Mitchell, Gloria Jones that make record collectors drool).

Also, please welcome special guest DJ SUZY Q, representing Fringe Factory, Atlanta's grooviest dance party! She knows how to keep the dancefloor packed, and that's a fact, she ain't holdin nothin back.

Feast your eyes on amazing psychedelic visuals, with the EYE GATE crew dazzling your retinas with an authentic '60s lightshow complete with pulsing multi-colored oil blobs, rotating optical illusions and 16mm projections.
Video artist Sabrina Cuadra (aka Whistling School for Boys) will be adding to the trippy weirdness by showing some of her surreal short films via LCD projector, creating an experience your eyeballs won't soon forget! Prepare to have your mind blown!

Also, just like the old Ben's Bikes parties, a FREE HOME-COOKED DINNER will be available shortly after doors open @ 9:30pm. First come, first served!

Finally, gotta mention that a portion of the SOUL SPECTACULAR proceeds will be going to The Greater New Orleans Foundation, to assist with Gulf Oil Spill clean up efforts.
Come dance, hang out, have an awesome time and help support a good cause!
See you on Nov. 19th! 

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